Cora – Design by Kevin Vanderzel

One of my biggest passions is to design and fabricate simple, sleek yet elegant furniture creations based upon mid-century modern influences. I seek simple yet innovative design and strive to create elegance based upon styles characterized by clean simplicity and integration with nature. My latest design “Cora” was constructed of wood and metal¬† to showcase my abilities to the industry during the 2017 Vellum exposition held in San Luis Obispo, California.

Kevin Vanderzel - Cora Chair


Kevin Vanderzel – Diversity in Design

I enjoy applying my diverse design talents to create innovative products that convey both practicality and stylish concept themes which are always influenced by Mother Nature. Pictured here are just a a few of my hand made creations which is a custom shaped surf board and  fabricated metal and walnut chair. I strive for simplicity in all my designs and have passion to explore many different kinds of media.

Kevin Vanderzel Designer

Luna Goes to College

Delayed gratification. The patience of humbly awaiting the time when all things naturally fall into place is a journey requiring peace. Without peace, life ceases to unravel organically. When the time presented itself to introduce Luna to a foreign a land, the air was still and the joy beyond profound for in that moment all in my life was as it should have naturally been, and now still is as should be. How much sweeter life tastes now having a companion to travel by in perfect humility. The difference it makes reverting back to the simple way of living, represented no more appropriately than by the old 1966 rickety van, Luna.