I live an active lifestyle, and believe physical fitness to be very important. I discipline and train my body according to the sport in which I am engaged. Health and nutrition will translate to a long happy and productive life for me.

Kevin Vanderzel to the Surf


  I grew up in Southern California  and  the weather and proximity to the ocean allowed me to learn this incredible sport. I enjoy long boarding but embrace all forms of surfing depending on the waves.

kevin vanderzel on san pedrito wave

San Pedrito break


kevin vanderzel Hang Ten at Terramar

Ten at Terramar

Kevin Vanderzel surfing

kevin vanderzel Bodysurfing

body surfing, Todas Santos

kevin vanderzel with dolphins

Kevin Vanderzel cheap five 2013



Vista High


Having played football since the age of 5 through Pop Warner, I was proud to play 1st string both offensively as a slot back and defensively as free safety for the Vista Panther Football program. Numerous injuries caused me to reevaluate my football career and now I focus my activities on more organic sports. I learned  valuable lessons from the Vista Football coaches  and apply them daily and often in pursuit of my life goals, my historical recruiting profile can be found at





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