Art and Design

Kevin Vanderzel - smaller

I am a creative individual and use my free time to learn and experiment with, furniture design and fabrication, water color, photography, drawing, oil painting, surf board shaping and glassing, ceramics, culinary endeavors and playing the bass, ukulele and drums.


One of my biggest passions is to design and fabricate simple, sleek yet elegant furniture creations based upon mid-century modern influences. I seek simple yet innovative design and strive to create elegance based upon styles characterized by clean simplicity and integration with nature.

Kevin Vanderzel - Cora Chair


I enjoy the creative process and new glazing techniques



I believe in my skills and talents for surfboard designs, especially those related to  long board styles that exceed 9 feet. I designed and built my own work studio that supports this messy business of shaping, fiberglass and final production efforts. I have become very proficient in surf board design and work closely with each client to understand their specific needs to combining features that match their surfing style. I am capable of performing all steps from initial foam blank shaping to the final hot coat finish.  To date I have successfully designed, glassed and fabricated over fourteen boards.

kevin vanderzel shapes

Kevin Vanderzel - SB Glass 02

kv glassing

Kevin Vanderzel surf board designs

Kevin Vanderzel boards

Kevin Vanderzel boards

kevin vanderzel boardkevin vanderzel board WATER COLOR, DRAWING, PASTELS

Art I 2013, personal exploration of water color and mixed mediasea turtle by kevin vanderzel

under the sea 2 by kevin vanderzel

braid by kevin vanderzel

pastels by kevin vanderzel

love birdskevin vanderzel circlesPHOTOGRAPHY

Photographic imaging course taken 2013, occupational competencies demonstrated

Kevin vanderzel photography

Kevin vanderzel photography SUCCULENT

Kevin vanderzel photography bsurreal

Kevin vanderzel photography MOON

Kevin vanderzel photography DAISEY

Kevin vanderzel photography CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9/2014  beginners work, my sketches can be seen at:


I love music and play the bass, ukulele and drums daily to relax and bring the up-lifting sounds into my home.

Kevin vanderzel & uke

KV bass



KV's SURFER breakfast KV surfer breakfast 2



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